Your Rights

Children Have Rights

Children Have Rights

You have rights

  • as a child or young person you have a RIGHT to complain and let others hear what you have to say
  • you will not get into trouble if you make a complaint
  • you can choose someone you trust to help you make a complaint

Young people have good ideas

  • if you have any suggestions about how things are run
  • how to make improvements
  • if you notice/want to say something good about how you have been looked after

Getting help with a complaint

Both these organisations are separte from Children and Young People's Services.

  • Time limits - you will get an answer before 14 days.
  • Independent person - if your complaint cannot be easily sorted out there will be a proper investigation.  At this stage an Independent Person will be asked to help.  The Independent Person does not work for Children and Young People's Services and their job is to make sure that the complaint is dealt with fairly.

What is a complaint?

A complaint can range from a disagreement in the home, a decision made that you are not quite happy about or a service, anything to do with the way North Somerset Council looks after you, to a general feeling of unhappiness that you just can't shake off.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

Try talking this out with your parent, carer, foster carer, social worker, if you feel you need the reassurance or a friend, that's OK.

Still not sorted?

If this doesn't solve anything you can get in touch with the Customer Services Manager by phone or text or e'mail.  Or complete the form and send it off.  You don't need a stamp.

Phone: 01275 882 171; Text: 07788 488209; E'mail: [email protected] 

Or you could get in touch with your local MP, Councillor or Ombudsman for help.  You can get their names and addresses from the Citizen's Advice Bureau or your nearest library.

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