Annual Report

Annual Report

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Annual Report 2015-2016 and Business Plan 2016-2019 (link to this year's Report)

­Introduction from Chair of the North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board.

Welcome to the annual report of the North Somerset Safeguarding Children’s Board [NSSCB] covering the period from October 2015 to the end of March 2016.This part-year report has been produced to enable future annual reporting to be in line with the financial year (April to end of March). The Business Plan (Appendix 3 of this report) details the developing priorities of the Board.

The Board is required by statute to publish an annual report which is intended to highlight its work during the reporting period and to describe how effective it has been in carrying out its statutory functions to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in North Somerset. The report also highlights areas of intended development and identified risk which will influence its ongoing business plan.

The role and scope of the Board is considerable and responding to national issues at a local level, such as Sexual Exploitation (SE), will continue to be high on the Board’s agenda.

The appointment of a SE/Missing Coordinator has supported ongoing improvements in practice in line with the North Somerset Missing Children and Young People Protocol and new Government guidance. The policy and practice procedures for the year have included developing a robust multi-agency response to SE and Missing. A Missing Children and Young People from Home, Care and Education multi-agency protocol has been developed.

A three year SE Strategy was launched in June 2016. There is also a programme of work in place, including practice and procedure developments, awareness raising, training and a multi-agency SE case audit.

We are also well advanced in developing collaborative working practices in this area of safeguarding with a neighbouring authority. Sexual exploitation has no natural boundaries.

Following our LSCB annual conference in early 2016 the LSCB has developed a Young Person’s Sub-Group - a Sub-Group run by young people, the chair and co-chair of which sit on the Board and executive group as full and valued members.

Already issues such as peer pressure, bullying, sexting and sexual orientation have been identified by the Sub-Group as areas they would wish to highlight as part of the Board’s work. This group will allow us to truly hear and act on the voice of the "Child." I am really excited by the opportunities this group will provide to the Board.

Some of the challenges which we face continue to include pressure on finances and resources across agencies and the ever increasing expectations of the LSCB to scrutinise and challenge practice as well as continue to perform its statutory duties.

Over the reporting period, a significant amount of work has been completed by the Board’s Sub-Groups, Executive group and Serious Case review (SCR) panel. That very valued work is reported within the body of this report.

As before, I would like to thank everyone on the Board and the Sub-Groups for their work and commitment over the past 12 months. We all strive to ensure that the interests of the Children and Young People of North Somerset are safeguarded.

I can guarantee that I and the Board’s business manager will ensure, so far as we are able, to continue to address local and national challenges as well as we can in an ever changing environment in the interests of those we seek to protect.

Tony Oliver

Independent Chair, North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board

August 2016

The Business Plan below is a working document and is updated at each Board and is available to download with the Board papers.


Annual Report 2015-2016 and Business Plan 2016-2019
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